House-breaking (Potty training)

  • Keep your new puppy on a schedule! Take away food and water when it’s not time to eat or drink anymore. Take them out every 15-30 minutes after having a bite or drink.

  • Try to take them to the same spot each time until they start to understand that they are going in the correct spot.

  • Keep an eye out for "circling". Puppies usually will wander off and start sniffing frantically around them and "circling" before having an accident.

  • Take puppy outside immediately after making an accident inside the house. 

  • Use training treats as a reward each time they go "potty" in the correct area.

  • Take puppy out first thing in the morning and right before bed. In addition to eating and drinking they should be going outside every 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • If you're having difficulty getting them to go outside, sprinkling animal bedding such as Pine or Cedar chips (Wal-Mart) on the ground will help them go immediately.

  • If you cannot supervise your puppy use a crate and potty pad combination.

  • Try not to yell at your puppy when they have an accident in the wrong place. Next time they will just hide and have an accident out of sight. Do not punish for a rule they did not know existed


Crate Training 

Crate training is not a BAD thing for your puppy. It’s actually about creating a safe and relaxing environment or place for them to have inside your home to be alone. 

  • Introduce the crate to your new puppy. Throw a few treats around in addition to inside the crate. Let them wander into the crate and explore. 


  • Call them over and give them a treat when they wander into the crate. Close the door and let them hang out inside for 5-10 minutes with you nearby. Then go out of sight into a different room for an additional 5 minutes. Do not let your puppy out if they are whining or crying! Only let them out once they stop otherwise you are rewarding them.

  • You can also feed them their meals in their crate to help ease them into the process of crate training them.

  • Crate your puppy when you are leaving the house. This is for their safety and your conscience. Give them a treat when they enter the crate. You should never leave your dog in a crate for an emotional prolonged period of time.


For new puppy owners 


  • Puppy training treats

    • SOFT treats (​great for commands and potty training)

  • Nylabones

    • These help tremendously with teething! ​

  • Wire brush 

  • Puppy Shampoo

    • Puppies are prone to accidents so have a safe shampoo on hand for them!​

  • Plush toys (MORE TOYS THE BETTER!)

  • Dog bed

We provide you with a harness, leash, 1 week of puppy food, blanket with moms scent, and 1 toy. 

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