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  • What are the prices for the puppies?
    Prices are only approximate and are subject to change depending on timeframe and rare markings/traits of the puppies. If you inquire with us directly we may have lower priced puppies available as well depending on time frame. TOY SIZE (6-10lbs) - $6000-6500 MINI SIZE (12-18lbs) - $5500-6000 PETITE (20-25lbs) - $5000-5500 MEDIUM (35-45lbs) - $4500-5000 STANDARD (55lbs+) - $4000-4500
  • What sizes do you breed?
    We breed a variety of sizes! Our size catergories are as follows: Toy (8-10lbs) 9-10 inches tall from shoulder Miniature (12-18lbs) 12-14 inches from shoulder Petite (20-25lbslbs) 14-15 inches from shoulder Medium (35-45lbs) 15-17 inches from shoulder Standard (55lbs+) 18+ inches from shoulder
  • What generation Goldendoodles do you breed?
    Our Standard, Medium and Miniature sized puppies are ONLY F1b generation. This is because coat variety/texture and the amount of dander/shedding is most "predictable" with this generation. We get that fluffy plush coat (NOT wirey) with either wavy or curly texture. F1b generation puppies come in ALL sizes except toy. Our toy size puppies are F1bb generation. This means they have about 10% more poodle than the other sizes. Therefore, we can guarantee our toy size will stay at 10lbs or under at maturity.
  • Are all of your puppies Hypoallergenic?
    YES! All of our puppies are Hypoallergenic, do NOT shed and asthma friendly! We offer a TeddyBear allergy test for our unsure customers. Also ask us about our allergy policy!
  • How are you different than other breeders?
    We differ greatly from most breeders you will encounter along your journey to a new puppy. We do not have dogs or puppies kept in an outdoor setting. They are raised in home like family! Read about our guardian home program! Our dams are bred only 1-2 times maximum in their lifetime. We start our puppies on socialization and early training at as young as 4 weeks old. This eases the adjustment process for the new puppy owners and pup!
  • Do you have an application process?
    We do not have a lengthy application process or wait time to join for a specific litter. We do have an application to approve the family and home prior to recieving a puppy. We want to make sure our puppies go to the best possible homes and will recieve all the love and attention they deserve! application link
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Yes we do! You can find out delivery info by visiting the link below or selecting delivery options at checkout on the available puppies page. CLICK HERE
  • Are deposits refundable?
    All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits placed for a reservation list are transferrable up to 2 times without risk of forfeiting deposit. Deposits placed on available puppies are non-transferrable.
  • What age do you allow your puppies to go home?
    We allow most to go home at 8 weeks of age with at least 2 rounds of puppy booster vaccinations completed. On occasion we will hold our toy and miniatures up to 10 weeks old because they are quite small.
  • What determines the price of the puppy?
    Many factors contribute to pricing in the world of Doodles. Health, temperament and quality, are by far the 3 most important factors. Generation, size, color, gender and rare attributes also affect the price. We are the top recommended breeder in the nation. Our experience and reputation speaks for itself. Our family has been breeding for over 30 years and we have dedicated our lives to our dogs. We have selectively picked our lines and sizes to create the best quality in health, temperament, size and appearance. Many breeders advertise sizes as one size range but they are much larger at maturity. For example: Our minis are 12-18lbs at maturity vs other breeders that label their puppies as "minis", but are really considered our petite (25-30lbs) or medium size (40lbs). This is especially important for those looking for the perfect Doodle but in smaller size for apartments/condo restrictions, travel lifestyle, elderly, or allergies.
  • I'm on the waiting list for a future litter. When can I expect updates and how does the selection process work?
    You will get updates on the puppies about every 2 weeks! ​The selection process goes in order of deposits received and starts between 6-8 weeks of age depending on vaccination history.
  • When can I visit the puppies?
    If posted under available puppies on our website they are ready to go and can be visited via appointment request. Appointments are not for general inquiries! They are for people actively looking in their right time-frame and for individuals on our waiting lists. For future litter puppies - As recommended by our veterinarian we do not allow visitation until the puppies are between 6-8 weeks old. They MUST have at least 2 puppy booster shots completed before being visited. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • What comes with my puppy?
    Health Certificate with vaccinations, health guarantee, leash, harness, blanket with moms scent, small bag of food, and 1 toy. We also have additional puppy packages available for purchase on the puppy packages page
  • Do you offer training?
    We do not currently offer any training programs available for general obedience or puppy classes. We are able to recommend a few local trainers or assist in finding a top rated trainer in your area. We start them on early socialization, potty and crate training.
  • Deposits are non-refundable, but is full purchase price refundable if I back out?"
    Unfortunately, full purchase price is non-refundable once you commit to the puppy via purchase online. Depending on how long the puppy was held, a percentage may be refundable. All purchases are final.
  • Where can I find puppies ready to go home now?
  • Where can I find out about your future litters?
  • Where can I view additional puppy packages?
  • Where can I find delivery info?
  • Where can I find financing info?
  • Should I brush my puppy's coat and what do I use?
    It is recommended to brush out your pup's coat with a wire brush about once a week. If they go swimming or just got a bath - make sure you brush their coat out or they will get matted up. Ouch!
  • How long should my puppy be sleeping?
    Puppies like children need adequate rest to grow and they can sleep anywhere from 15-20 hours in a day! So no need to be alarmed if your pup is a bundle of energy and then fast asleep the next minute.
  • How often do i clean my puppy's ears and what should I use?
    You should clean your puppy's ears about once a week with a mild ear cleaner and cotton round. We reccomend the brand below ​
  • When will my puppy be done growing?
    Depending on the estimated full weight of the dog it can be anywhere from 8 months - 1.5 years of age before reaching full adult weight. While size cannot be officially guaranteed, your puppy will be within 10lbs of the range given to you at purchase.
  • How often should I brush my puppy's teeth and what should I use?
    Dental disease can occur in pets as well! It is recommended that you brush your puppy/dogs teeth at least weekly with dog toothpaste of choice.
  • How often should I bathe my puppy and what should I use?
    We recommend to bathe your puppy with hypoallergenic puppy shampoo about every 2-3 weeks.
  • When should I bring my puppy in for a grooming?
    Your puppy will need its first grooming at around 16 weeks old. You should maintain the grooming about every 1-2 months. We recommend to start them early so they get used to the grooming process.

*When purchasing a mixed breed dog/puppy there is no guaranteee of lineage. The breeder represents the breed to the best of their knowledge

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