What is the cost for delivery?

Ground delivery prices can vary depending on time of year and courier availability. GENERAL ESTIMATES ARE AS FOLLOWS: under 50 miles - $150.00 up to 200 miles - $250.00 up to 300 miles - $350.00 over 300 miles - $450.00+ Air delivery Price varies from $650-800 in the USA. Any international travel will have to be discussed.

What comes with the puppy when I receive delivery?

GROUND - Free puppy package listed on puppy packages page. AIR - Free puppy package will be with the nanny and she will provide that to you when she lands with your precious pup.

What do I need to pick up / receive my puppy?

AIR - You will need your ID, and airway bill number which is provided once payment has been received and flight has been booked. GROUND - If you receive via ground shipping there is nothing you are required to have. We need your full name, address, and the courier will snap a photo with you and your pup to verify delivery!

What options do you offer for delivery?

We offer delivery via 2 options GROUND - A delivery driver (courier) will drive from us to your front door for a flat rate. This is generally only reccomended up to 500-800 miles. Availability depends on time of year and availability of the couriers. AIR - We currently do not ship via cargo as we feel it is too tramautic for a puppy. We use a flight nanny service that will accompany your puppy the entire way to you. They provide non stop care through the journey to your nearest airport.

How long does delivery take?

After the initial deposit the customer has 5 days to pick up / recieve their puppy via delivery. GROUND - This process is much longer depending on the distance the courier will be traveling. Once they leave us it could be delivered same day or 2-3 days (if over 1500 miles). AIR - Once a flight is booked it only takes a few hours to arrive via flight to you. Generally we try to schedule all flights within 5 days of purchase. Due to restrictions, cancellations, etc it could take an additonal day or two to find best options to you.