Our mission is to produce the absolute best quality in health, temperament, and appearance of our puppies! We carefully hand select our dams and sires based on their stunning looks, outstanding temperament and strong healthy champion ancestry. They all come with State of Florida health certificate and a 1 year health guarantee. You will not only be getting the most gorgeous, easy to train and well behaved pup, but also the healthiest!


We are all one BIG FAMILY! Our family has many years of experience working with dogs. We have experience in animal behavioral studies including dog training, grooming, show, and breeding. We are also one of the only breeders who do not have kennels, out buildings (warehouses), or more than 2 dogs on premises of any of our homes. We are located in Wesley Chapel, Florida.


We breed our Dams 1-2 times maximum in their entire lifetime! This is not what you will discover with any other breeder you will encounter along your journey. Most breeders breed their dams 8-10 times before finally retiring them to an unknown family. We do not need to retire our Dams because they are already in their forever home with their Guardian Parents from 8 weeks and older. We have perfected the process and have many loving families participating in the Guardian home opportunity. This allows us to have frequent litters while keeping health, environment, care, and quality of our adults and puppies as our priority. Our Doodles and Poodles are proven healthy champion bloodlines with excellent temperaments. We feel that quality of life is more important for all of our dogs and puppies, they all get to enjoy snuggles, family time, adventures and plenty of attention!


Our Dams and Sires are indoor pets ONLY and are treated as our children. They enjoy long walks, trips to the beach and park, and love chowing down on treats! All of our Doodles and Poodles are well-trained, well-socialized, and love to be around children and other household pets. They have the best looks and amazing temperaments! All of our adult dogs are fed top quality dog food, have received thorough health testing before breeding, are regularly exercised, and snuggle in bed with us! We start our puppies on training as young as 4-6 weeks old! They are exposed to various sounds, textures, tons of toys, treats, household pets, children and early training procedures. ALL PUPPIES ARE RAISED IN HOME ONLY!


All of our Doodle puppies are asthma and allergy friendly! We only breed the most hypoallergenic, low dander, and non shedding generations. F1b and F1bb. Coat textures vary from wool (curly) to fleece (wavy) blends. All of our puppies are in excellent health and receive the highest quality veterinarian care. They are ready to go home with their new families at 8 weeks of age and we provide new owners with Certificate of Health, Puppy Starter Package, Puppy contract, and health guarantee. Your puppy will have received crate and potty training since a very young age to make the transition easier on both you and your new puppy!


US We were born for this! We have the experience and knowledge to make this a perfect and seamless process for your family! All of our dogs are results of healthy champion lines, with zero health issues and proven temperaments. We take time to provide early potty and crate training and socialization around pets, children, grooming, and daily handling and playing. We bathe them every 2 weeks, along with nail trimming and ear cleanings. Our puppies are raised in homes around family and other pets ONLY! THEM Other breeders may advertise a guardian home program but will then reveal they have an outbuilding (warehouse), kennels, or more than 10 poorly maintained adult dogs on premises. You will also find that most of the puppies that are produced from these breeders tend to be kept outdoors in kennels or in a seperate building from the home. In result, the puppies will tend to be timid, scared to be handled, harder to potty and crate train and are poorly maintained.