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July 13, 2019


Murphy's Doodles is lending a helping hand this back 2 school season. We care about our educators and educating our youth! If you know a student parent / teacher / school official that is in need of school supplies this school year, let us know about it.

We want to help!

email us below

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Murphy's Doodles is raising money for families / teachers / school officials in need of a helping hand this school year. We are accepting donations from those wanting to help out as well.

(up to $10,000)

Our family is a large family so we know the struggle when the new school year starts! School supply lists keep getting longer and more expensive each year. Did you know the average family spends around $700.00 per child on school necessities throughout the early school years? Did you also know that the average Educator spends around $1000.00 per school year on classroom supplies, which is nearly triple the federal tax deduction. 

OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE. We want kids to go back to school excited and ready to learn! It not only helps boost confidence for students but boosts productivity in the classroom when given access to materials needed. Some families have limited food and clothing  at home and students are not sure where next meals are coming from, they should not have to worry about what school supplies are missing to make the most of the school year.

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